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Which programming language set should you be focused on in 2020

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 2, 2019

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As we head into 2020, which programming set of languages should one be working on?
My answer is simple - all of them.
RE: https://careerfunda.info/best-programming-languages-to-learn-in-2020/
For me? Just me? SQL, C#, VB6, ASP, JavaScript, Python. If you need to look further down the road you can always continue to swap out and improve your toolbox aka toolkit of skills no matter what the language and applied need. Necessity is the mother of invention.
Furthermore, if you look at the big picture, its not the language you need to pick, its the professionally best applied solution mentality you need to work on.
Like I have always said; there are Pros, Priests, and Zealots in any industry and sector.
The Pro - the one who finds and applies the best solution that meet all the KPIs, mission and vision.
The Priest - the one who believes in one way, only one way, and that is the way.
The Zealot - the one who sides against all others because of a theology of anti- that and those people.
So which am I? Answer: A Pro.
We find solutions from solid and pragmatic sources that meet short and long term needs. I could go on but really that is a book in itself.
So what languages am I working at the moment? C#, VB6, SQL, Python, ASP, JavaScript, SEO meta-things, and as it is applied Web Applications, Blockchain, and all things I/O regarding Graphics and Data Processing Solutions. I am not as intense as some because I am more macroscopic versus microscopic in my approach and applied focus.
Which languages did I use to love? C, C++ and all things I/O
more to come...

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