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Passing the Interview at Google or any company depends...

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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if you are up for the effort, interviewing at a major company can be easy or hard depending on the people who meet. it can be about you to a degree yet watch and listen to the interview team and you will find out a lot of their style and persona.
If you really want the job, you'll have to adjust a bit if their culture is not up to your speed. sometimes if you are faster and quicker to the punch one has to pull back and just not say too much, but then again, some want you to show your style and approach in both a way of strong interpersonal skills (soft skills) and hard skills (know your craft).
the folks at Google shared some thinking that I can tender as feasible. the most important part of some things are your resources to affect great change and success. if you have the resources and authority, easy. if not, you are in for an uphill battle and who wants that.
its best to showcase your best features and abilities and if it does not click during an interview, it is better to move on, yet -- maybe the organization needs the shakeup and fresh blood and thinking. well, that depends on the leadership and management. some will be willing to take the fresh approaches and incorporate into their next evolution while some will want status quo and eventually die off or become irrelevant.
which are you? i am a mover and shaker, and maintainer and sustainer. we need both.
more to come...

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