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Teamviewer 14 to 15 update refusal on partner if free

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, November 22, 2019

View Count: 955, Keywords: Teamviewer, Partner Update Refusal, Push Update override, Hashtags: #Teamviewer #PartnerUpdateRefusal #PushUpdateoverride

When one remote manages a client from a free edition when a business license exists on another set of computers, the option to force update the remote partner should exist.
for example, if you are going to quickly jump from a paid license workstation of Teamviewer to another temporary workstation, one should be allowed a temporary bypass code to remote update a partner so to continue working on another workstation that has the necessary tools to complete the work.
easy to implement? yes. necessary? from time to time. does it add value? yes.
more to come...

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