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WIX SEO Hero? Why the $50,000 contest?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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WIX SEO Hero? Why the $50,000 contest?

February 15, 2017


About 1 week ago, I got a reminder on my Yahoo calendar about the WIX SEO Challenge - $50,000 to the person or organization who can have their website ranked #1 on a search engines results during a specific start and end date. I had to complete a few steps to get them to notice my entry. So I did it today before the deadline was ended.


Going back to the contest announcement -- At first I was excited, so I got my domain based on research, and had fun with the idea. I knew something was up. More clients and eyeballs because of a contest with a big prize is nice. Two NFL Super Bowl ads - that's a repeat nice touch!!


My entry and attempt to earn that $50,000 was nothing short of a great attempt, rather a hobby of sorts realizing there are thousands of SEO organizations out there that could probably be snazzier and probably more powerful with their resources.


We came up with SEO HERO BIBS -- a Fan Club!!


Yet I am just a simple database architect who started with organic SEO before anyone put a label on database search engine results sorting and ordering with ranking based on algorithms and rules.


Since July 2015, I was challenged with moving many of my customers from their existing platforms for website updates and maintenance to a more self service platform. Read my blog on why WIX to learn more, and why WIX was the chosen solution.


Well, for 6 months after that decision I realized that WIX and Search engines were not very friendly with one another or I was totally missing something. Regardless of the SEO methods that have worked for years, WIX sites could not be found, as either paid under their subscription service or free model.


Then today, their stock jumped another $8 / share. Yikes! This is like when I knew about Google one year before they even went online. I knew Google was going to be big, but wow, 18 years has flown by!


So with WIX today, I had to change my approach to using the WIX solution for many of my customer base, yet I still stand by them. They will get it figured out!! I am sure of it, or get bought out and then figured out, or not. ;-) GO WIX!!!



Well, after contemplating the WIX SEO contest in my brain for thinking, then it dawned on me a few days ago like it dawned on me 3-4 months ago, the CONTEST is to get the PUBLIC to figure out  WHY and HOW WIX websites can be #1, since WIX cannot figure it out themselves. Those sneaky bastards.


Is that true or false, what I realized?


I have some pretty slick tricks to get SEO to work, but WIX is really stumping me.


Let's see if WIX and the contest folks are noticing my post and AH HA moment?!



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