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Go Green PC Tune Up - GGPCTU rebranding organization and calculating clients and systems served

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, November 10, 2019

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Since 2017, we have migrated from a retail organization to a Business to Business organization. We love our retail clients yet the market and business is shifting since electronics are becoming disposable and replaceable at an affordable rate versus just repair; for the consumer market ergo retail.
Yet for the business market, what is on the shelf and what is commercially available is not as much since its a moving target as software and hardware suppliers continue to push junk into the pipeline that is either not customizable after receipt or not scalable upon ordering.
Therefore in 2019, we have removed our old social media and Internet footprint other than Mountain Computers Inc as the core driver to our research, testing, and application of the processes within the Go Green PC Tune Up (21 Point, 7 point, 3 point), and are rebranding our organization as we move from retail to business to business, and software as a service; we have many business models to follow that have been successful without the massive failure and overhead we have also seen in the industry. let's just say, less is more and when strategically done, it will scale nicely.
first, Mountain Computers is the creator of the Go Green PC Tune Up™ namely GGPCTU
So our communication strategy for social media is:
Website, https://www.GoGreenPCTuneUp.com
Twitter, https://twitter.com/GGPCTU
Facebook,  https://www.facebook.com/GGPCTU
Instagram, TBD
Email: sales@gogreenpctuneup.com
 more to come....

In that same vein and follow up, we did some quick math to help people realize our roots and our path:
In the past 30+ years, we have solved the computing ills and problems of the world. In the past 15 years, that pace increased exponentially in both terms of clients and systems supported and served.
We did some quick math to give you an idea of where we are at:
10,000 systems per year x 15 =150,000 computing systems
2,000 clients per year x 15 = 30,000 human clients
conservatively reduce that by 30% and you get
100,000 computing systems
20,000 human clients
more to come...

quid pro quo - In 2006, Mountain Computers started to serve retail and business. We grew rapidly in our retail and business clients, and in mid 2007 and we had to make a shift in leadership, and by 2009 we had a great client base and by 2010 we removed all bad nonsense and kept good business.
By 2011, we were skyrocketing and dealing with lots of growth and issues related, yet we remained focused through 2012. Then in early 2013, we took a great risk for test our expansion possibilites, and that failed and we lost 50% of our business in one year. That was miserable for all.
Since 2014, we have stopped the bleeding and regrouped and tried to salvage what we could and contain the losses yet our overhead exceeded our remaining business yet we held on mixing debt to cash flow and payroll until the end of 2016 when we need knew we should change gears because our growth was 1-2%. The market has sullied and we could not recapture a retail market that was doomed. It did not take long and in early 2017, we knew the curtain had closed due to a few large clients closing as well, and we shuttered normal operations with employees and moved our business model to the cloud with no employees. It was tough, sad and realistic, yet our past employees thrived in the market because of our professional development, training and knowing that if you work here, you can work anywhere.
Just like my days at Microsoft.
more to come..

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