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Codeweaver Crossover 18.5 and Office 2016 Professional Plus -- installation update

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, November 8, 2019

View Count: 831, Keywords: Ubuntu 18.04, Peppermint OS 10, Codeweaver, Crossover 18.5, Office 2016 Pro Plus, Installation, Hashtags: #Ubuntu18.04 #PeppermintOS10 #Codeweaver #Crossover18.5 #Office2016ProPlus #Installation

We just had to install Ubuntu 18.04 Peppermint OS 10 64 bit on a Lenovo T480 and that was hilariously fun.
First of all, the BIOS of the T480 needed to be flashed. The USB creator for Peppermint using Win32DiskImager did not work but Linux Live USB Creator worked fine.
Install the OS, and do all the updates, reboot a few times.
The 18.5 of Codeweaver Crossover installed fine but you need Internet access so all the dependencies are downloaded otherwise you get dependency error message during installation.
The Office 2016 Pro Plus using worked fine pointing at the directory, let it finish, and then reboot, and you need to run the /opt fix script for all the 32 bit binary libraries required, and then the Debian 7 follow up script after those are all done. Don't confuse Peppermint OS "office" links for the real Crossover Windows folder at the bottom of the menu, its sort of hidden to launch and add to desktop the word, excel, and other favorites.
then Word and Excel opens just fine without all the graphics garbage screen issues.
that's about it...
Clamv Installed just fine and the ClamTK GUI was fine. Scan schedule setup and auto-updates were fine.
Teamviewer Linux debian edition first install failed using guideb so i just download the .deb and right clicked and used open install using Software Manager and it worked fine.
about 2-3 hours to do the complete job.
more to come...

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