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SEO website company spying contract agreements being hacked via ADS.TXT

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, October 25, 2019
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It's October 2019, and since May 2018 we have seen the ADS.TXT being looked for and scanned in our website logs. Well, about six months ago, we looked into it and realized it had to do with cross agreement contract seo marketing trust relationships established for advertisers on your website.
What does that mean? The ads.txt in the root folder of your website file reveals your relationships with other companies that are supposedly trusted.
Is that revealing? Absolutely. Is it necessary? sort of.
this is sort of like the mac icons that keep getting scanned on your website and filling your log files with 404 error file not found, just like ads.txt 404 error...
look at the following:
take a gander at facebook ads.txt contents...
# Facebook.com/ads.txt
# Facebook inventory can only be purchased from Facebook advertising 
# systems, and cannot be purchased programmatically through open 
# exchanges. Therefore there are no authorized sellers or resellers 
# listed in this facebook.com/ads.txt file.
and then youtube.com
# youtube.com/ads.txt
# YouTube inventory can be purchased from Google Ads and Display &
# Video 360, and cannot be purchased programmatically through open exchanges.
# Therefore there are no authorized sellers or resellers listed in this file.
even microsoft forwards to their own advertising landing page
look at those that do not..
intel 404, bing blank page, google 404
so what do you do?  it did not take long to analyze this and see what you should do...
if your company depends on ads to pay for itself, then you do not need ads.txt, but if you are make it via commissions then ads.txt is probably needed... and if you are none of the above and just a bricks and mortar with some virtual cloud product or service, you dont' need it either. just put up a blank text file to keep your log files from being filled with 404 error code.

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