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Linux versus Windows on boot - stability, usability, security, applications

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, October 25, 2019
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No matter what you hear these days about Windows versus Linux, it is not until you actually start using Linux or Windows on a standalone laptop or desktop will you fully understand and appreciate the differences.
For me, 25 years of Microsoft is sort of ingrained into me. Plus, 10 years of Macintosh before we really called it Apple OS X, and of course a dash of FreeBSD for 15 years.
Where does that leave the rest of the world?
In science and academia, Linux and Unix of various sizes are constantly used.
For consumers, the Windows platform proliferated.
For back end networks and servers for major corporations and engineering startups, it was Novell or Linux of some sort.
Fast forward past the dot com 2000 bomb, we have a resurgence of Linux for web servers and email services. That is where Microsoft lost out, and of course, Windows servers were great, they were not industry grade for micro services and stability and security. Embedded OS technology was Java and Linux while Microsoft was really focused on consumers, retail and business desktops.
Then along came the mobile technology and cloud technology and Microsoft missed both of these opportunities in the early to mid 2000s and Amazon and Apple and Linux along with Android really barn stormed the world.
Microsoft did make a ton of cash on their OEM office licensing model, and that will continue for the nearly term 20 years, yet will it die off? not really. margins will change and things will shift, yet Microsoft Word and Excel are just here to stay. Email will adjust and migrate to the mobile world and the desktop versions will be more mobile like. Of course, its' not easy predict the future, just realize trends and connecting the dots it easy with all the information at our fingertips.
have a great day. don't stress out. this was a brain dump.
more to come...

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