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ACTRA National 2019 - Cowboy Team Roping - Reno Nevada Livestock Event Center

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Cowboy up!! 
Another year has come so quickly, and my systems and programming for ACTRA was light, easy and fast.
It's been 6 years of support and programming, consulting, remote support, networks, and printers, remote desktop, SQL updates, MARs updates, heavy MS Access and Excel, ASP, SQL, and more, integration to payment systems, reporting, PayPal, XML, SOAP, REST and more.. graphics, and application and database security.
This year we added a quick event called Ladies Breakaway Roping which was very cool!!
It comes just once per year, and the first two years was a lot of work, the next two years a little easier, and then the last two years, even easier. That shows in my consulting invoices going from ~$3000, to $1500, to $300 per year for the event. We have everything pretty much dialed in, and the ACTRA event is just getting better.
watch the live video and portal and website we have helped their National Directors and Staff develop and maintain. I have a feeling things will be good and only getting better.
Cowboy Up!!!
more to come...

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