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World War II in color - docuseries on NetFlix - a good watch

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019

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it is amazing, that world war ii was not that long ago, and all the history behind the Nazi's, Japanese, Russia, Europe, England and the USA was amazing.
What was amazing in the docuseries on NetFlix was Stalin's efforts to land grab Europe during the push back. No big surprise. When war and plundering is afoot, so are the new lines of country drawn. War is good for future landlord and present tenant issues, but the tenants often lose.
The Russian's finding the concentration camps as well where Jews were killed en masse. Where generals and world leaders tried to work together to end Germany Nazi destruction and death.
Amazing history.
Funny. Our current middle east battles in Syria and Turkey, Iran and Iraq, has been ongoing for nearly 20,000 years, so how can we just solve that in a few years. We can't as long as all those that live there exist. Its almost like no matter what another country wants to do to help, there are neighbors who have a land interest that dates way back before the USA came along.
more to come...

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