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When, not If -- Hacked -- Airports and other Quasi-Government offices in and near your State Capitol

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019
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At an airport, first of all, data backups are vital to most companies especially those in the travel industry -- and the recovery and restoration of services is even more vital after and through an outage.
Also, in and during travel, know where the escape routes and exits are in the plan, or any public place and work offices, and protect yourself at airports and other public transit locations that have high density traffic and open spaces where bad things can happen to lots of people pretty fast.
At airports, even the simple things will bother you like getting your luggage, laptop and cell phone hacked or stolen even in broad daylight right in front of you. I've seen it happen.
Some of the boards I monitor and am on, we have to be ever vigilant to prevent airport hacking, illegal activities and other forms of bad behavior by bad actors. The IT and Business people have a shared interest in protecting themselves, their systems and travelers and public in general, especially those emplaning for the first time and for those going through customs.
Like airports, even bus stations have some pretty crazy things going on. The police have some jurisdiction over things but not really when it comes to tech. Tech is evasive, hidden and lurking right in plain sight as elusive and dangerous to the general public when not done right.
At an airport job interview - Ironically, I was just sharing some great technology and business ideas and action items, and commenting on this very same situation a few weeks ago for an airport IT management opportunity. I was probably too transparent.  I could see the IT and security issues about 1 year ago prior and could not share because I would be viewed as a violation of many federal regulations.
So I said prior to - let's get involved, apply for a job in IT management and help out...well, low and behold, that did not work out, the interview team were nice but for some reason, I was not chosen, maybe a #2... bummer... the 1st option and round failed, and now the 2nd option will be probably okay, but not great -- now i get to return the suit I bought at Kohl's just for the occasion. Bummer! Come on folks at the airport; even the folks that know me, know I can do it..
Well, here you have it. If you care enough about flight and travel, this is a worthy read. If you want, there is a short list of security holes that are easy to find at most airports. Just think about it... It does not take a rocket scientist.
On the bright side, the airlines have a huge security exposure and they are doing pretty good within their own confines, but the legacy systems and human touch points are the biggest exposures and their are ways to avoid it -- yet the Airports themselves are pretty wide open and I do hope one like me gets the chance to help overhaul them one airport at a time... or just skip the airport and work on aerospace terminals.
read on and enjoy.

Planes, gates, and bags: How hackers can hijack your local airport


In an increasingly technology-focused world, aviation security is becoming a critical problem. This is not necessarily in reference to protesters disrupting flights or drones that are able to bring prominent airports to a grinding halt for days over the holiday season. Know more>>

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