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Windows 10 S mode - very frustrating

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019

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So you help a client get a new laptop and it comes with Windows 10 Home in S mode. Meaning, only apps from the Microsoft Store can be installed. Okay, I get it. How stupid is that. The first thing I need to do is transfer their data (easy), and then their applications specific to them (easy if you don't have S mode).
So what do you do? well, Microsoft had a way to get out of it easily a few months ago and now its nearly impossible without a S mode unlock key, or create a Microsoft account. I prefer neither, and just unlock out of S mode.
STAND BY WHILE WE FIGURE THIS OUT.... so we don't have to have a Microsoft Account even after getting upgraded to Pro...
the downside, if you get out of S mode then you can never get back into S mode; by their design. Again, how stupid. I get it. Just think about it. They don't want the liability if you are gone and come back with some bad stuff, but that does not hold up. If you leave and come back, you should be able to accept responsibility and they can be not held liable. That is easy to implement.
Microsoft will figure it out shortly from all the flame posts and flame e-mail that I see they are getting right now.
We will just have to be patient, or either reload the system with an OEM version that will activate on reload, if that works.
Who knows.
more to come...

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