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How to be #1 on Search Engine Results - Andys way!

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, July 1, 2016

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How to be #1 on Search Engine Results - Andy's way!

July 1, 2016

Being #1 on any search engine results is not for the faint of heart. Why does MM have the secret? Well, the truth is that the owner of MC has a deep background on database design and architecture and how the Internet works based on fundamental principles in database architecture.


That might not sound thrifty and fun for the average person or business owner, but in the world of information, database design and architecture is fundamental to any type of business.


Here is a secret: If you type in your name into the Internet and it shows up? How and why, and how can you fix it? How many versions of you are out there and how many wrong items need to be corrected? This is not a credit report that you are the mercy of with financial institutions (which is a game in itself - trust me), but the misinformation and disinformation that needs to be fixed! Is it futile? Yes! Can it be corrected, yes with one caveat. If the organization is a government database with PDF file that are searchable and indexed, and the government agency does not care that they allow indexing of outdated and incorrect information; you are screwed.


Search Engine Tragedy: Does the Internet allow old data? Yes. Is the US government allowed to keep invalid data and records that have been proved to be wrong online. Yep. Trust me, I know. The State of Arizona has an online database that is searchable, and yet they allow their case PDF files that are outdated, wrong, and overturned to be searchable and they do not even clean up their own mess of incorrect PDF files.


Question: How does an organization get to #1 on search engines results for their products and services.


There are two ways: Payment for Placement or Organic Placement


What is paid? Who gets paid and how is the money spread around.


What is organic? Organic is the method of getting your website to #1 without paying anyone ongoing fees. It's a one time charge that takes a little patience and time (about 3-4 weeks) to see movement of your website and domain to #1.


Tricks of the Trade:  there are a few tricks of the trade that MM uses to get you to #1 in a few short weeks. Give us a call.


Rule of 3: When the going gets tough, there are three rules that must be used to maneuver through the Internet search engine complexities. While many SEO marketing companies explain that the solution is complicated, it is not.


The Plan: MM is going to expand this list of case studies from just a few to the hundreds we manage today. Stay tuned.




The organizations that have been the focus of success based on early planning and strategic thinking continue to be successful even with an influx of competition, or an over saturation of competitors to the market.



Lindsay approached MM and asked for assistance. As a startup she had lots of ideas and already had her business license name etc, yet MM knew immediately that the domain name had to apply specifically to the products and services she offered. We test keywords to see where her competition existed and found a domain name that just worked. Organically after 3-4 months, she was #1 in her market and service space and even today's beats out NV DMV organization on search engine results that specializes in listing providers of her service space.


Domain name: renosparksduiclasses.com



Tim came across our organization while needing computer help. His challenge in our review of his business was the vast competition in which he had a uphill battle to overcome. The existing SEO company, a big one, had overlooked the obvious and we suggested to take over and fix his SEO. The large SEO company account managers were using big words and phrases which made no sense, and Tim was just as confused as who to believe. So MM regained control for Tim on his business domain and made the changes and said to wait a few weeks to see if things changed. As the story goes, the big name SEO company went back and redid their changes and it was back and forth for a while until passwords were changed, and the SEO updates MM offered stuck and 6 months later he was #1, moving from page #15 to page #1 in his service industry. Today he is still number #1 going on 2 years. He gets both leads by phone and email capture and his SEO ranking remains #1 in his industry for the region and service sector.


Domain name: nevadabuildingservices.com



Andy needed a solution to be #1 in his market and service sector. Based on 25 years of expert database expertise and Internet database search engine indexing experience, was able to create the rule of 3 based on the organic search methodology that lives through all of the major search engines unethical and illegal manipulations of the Internet AUP (acceptable use policy). Google, Yahoo and Bing each have motives to tweak their search engine results for their own enterprise gain. Yelp is even in collusion with Google to violate indexing methodology based on internal contractual benefits. Mountain Computers powers Mountain Marketing based on hard research and testing that is both unbiased and fair.


Mountain Computers is #1 on search engines based on 3 rules that are applied to each and every customer that MM offers its solution. Thanks to the intelligence and continued due diligence and working in good faith Mountain Marketing remains a viable provider of advertising and Internet SEO advantage to clients.


Domain name: mountaincomputers.org




Why do some organizations have a tough time in search engine ranking? The problem relates to competition and market saturation of the same keywords, phrases and description. What is necessary are unique and relative keywords and descriptions that separate an organization from the heard and become the leader of the pack.


The following are organizations that have been the focus of relative monitoring and adjustments quarterly to remain relative and leading. The owners are advised to add fresh content, images and information that helps search engines reduce their bounce rate and of course domain reputation based on time, history and vastness of content.



In 1998, Ken and I spoke about his current marketing needs. For years he annually had created and mailed a coffee table catalog to his customer base. The way of the Internet was unfolding and he needed to consider the leap to the Internet with his products. In a matter of 3 months, a database driven product category based  solution was delivered. He and his team maintains the online catalog with pictures, text, SKUs and category management. It's a basic self service kind of sight that continues to run to this day without much maintenance. In 2003-2004, while MM was completing some MBA courses on statistics, the existing reporting and statistics of the system were enhanced to include business metrics that today stand the test of time on how product placement and category management are effective.


domain: tipswestern.com



Marilyn had an old website that she did not have access to and the previous IT provider had gone missing or something. Well, looking at the services provided in the area provided, the old domain was not even close to what customers would be searching for by name and need. Therefore, we simplified and targeted the domain to her business and customer niche.


domain: victorianinnsparks.com



Erica came to MM and MC to get a website that offers e-commerce solutions. There is more to come and report on why her needs were met and solutions and jocking was required.


domain: sremsp.com




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