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Binoculars for viewing airline traffic at 2000 to 40000 feet - research completed, basic research and testing

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, October 4, 2019

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For the past week, we have tried 4 different binoculars and the early results and findings are in:
for long distance, the Celestron 25x70 are good to great. Had to learn to hold and steady yourself and how to hold these big binoculars, hold them at the very furthest end and steady yourself against a wall or rail or solid object to steady the image.
basic binocular research and testing, 4 different binoculars:
for clarity and sharpness, the Niskite 12x42 are very good.
the others, the Whew and Niskite came in the same box design from Amazon, and the US Camel 10x26 were okay to good.
in all the price for each was great.
The Niskite, the first one received had to be exchanged because the right lens would not focus and remained blurred. Amazon free exchange and UPS store free drop off was perfect and no packaging, labeling, etc. just a QR code on your exchange was needed.
more to come...

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