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Speeding up web page HTML long tables

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, October 3, 2019

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If you are displaying a long table like in our Blog, you need to realize that the page will not display until the table is fully loaded and rendered. So to speed things up, keep track of your row count, and then given a MOD function to see if 20 rows have been created, then close the table to break it, and rebuild the table.
That is a trick we have used for years. It creates a thick line between the table breaks, yet it works, and in order to keep the columns aligned at any screen size, change the table TD widths from auto to percentages. just look at the HTML code we have in this blog to see.
Here is the logic code to do what I describe. open the table with the same HTML you did to start the table.
if row_count mod 20  = 0 then
  close the table html
  open the table html
end if
more to come...

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