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Outsourcing programming pitfalls to avoid

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2019
View Count: 378, Keywords: Outsourcing, Programming, Pitfalls, Avoid, Hashtags: #Outsourcing #Programming #Pitfalls #Avoid

This is so true, what pitfalls will one encounter when outsourcing a project, any project, and in this case, software development. This writer covers a lot of ground. The 5 pitfalls with some great suggestions.
read this article if you like:
For me, I have a 99% success rate.
That 1% failure, let's just say the 1% fault was in the stakeholders not agreeing and changing their minds ever day, not being available to do sign-offs at milestones, and constantly infighting. Looks bad from the outside as a subcontract programmer if you can sense that problem before you get started stay away from those types of stakeholders, or opt out early.
Even at Microsoft, 22 major projects, from hundreds of thousands of dollars to multi-million dollar projects, 21 successes, 1 failure. the 1 failure was not really a failure. the project was failing before it was handed to me to try and salvage and fix. I killed it after a solid 45 day try to resurrect a dead product with terrible engineering behind it.
more to come...

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