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Tricky ASP SQL XML programming at the last minute


by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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Talk about tricky fun and exciting programming challenge in the 11th hour of a quick website turn-up for a major national event.
So, the American Cowboys Team Roping Association (ACTRA) - Nationals 2019 had a special event called Ladies Breakaway Roping and that was a special event. It was something that just came about and it will be a great success!!
Well, with 1 day of notice and they knew it was going to be a push and a pinch to do it, guess what I got to do - cut the code to manage and track that event, which was by the way, outside the normal roping entries and stall reservations.
They trusted me and I got it done!!! whew!!   Here is the page if you are interested.
Can't share the code in this post but you can view the code on the public page (CTRL+U), and one can email me and I'll tell you the sneaky secret of the API REST XML payment processor code without revealing any ACTRA website secrets.
Let's just say - there are three fields in your logs and records, among a few others in your REST API and CALLBACKS - look at using INSTR on the RESULT STRING (memo, text, etc.) for the Gross Amount and the Item Number matching what you are trying to count and the Return Status of VERIFIED. With those three values being sought in your REST XML you can nail down the count pretty close to accurate.
Just good stuff when it comes to payment processors and their fiascos to charge you more for what you are already paying for --3.9% transaction fees plus 25ยข per transaction. Crazy, but life.
Alas, I got the thing done in about 4 hours, and then realized the payment and entry availability tracking was a big part of it since it was limited to 100. Well, lo and behold, I had an epiphany about the transaction rest api xml and found a sneaky little transaction memo that we got back from the payment processor that gave me enough to determine the payment amount and item number to calculate entry and payment confirmation.
Well, it worked, and here we are, just day 1 into open entry enrollment and payment and a new system technique has been found. what, took me like 5 years to find this sneaky little trick inside the payment transaction processing stream without full payment API account integration and cost of having a full API development account ($$$ per month) versus basically free per month on a basic account.
more to come...

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