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Windows 7 deadline looms but really is 2023

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2019
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Microsoft Windows 7 will have a new popup, just like XP did when the rollout of security updates slowed down.
I still have Windows 7 on a few personal computers and will continue to use them until 2023. Windows 7 support for updates on payment basis will be argued shortly, and Microsoft will have to allow the updates to be public, not for those that only pay.
The year 2023 is about right for Windows 7 to cease, but 2020, 10 years of a great product, just can't be switched off overnight. What is this, Y2K? again?
just continue to use Google Chrome or Firefox and keep your antivirus up-to-date and you will be fine.
more to come...
this just in....9/25/19... and that is why the January 2020 deadline is so benign... too many existing systems in the public and government are based on Windows 7.... not 8.1 or 10....

Microsoft: Free Windows 7 Support Through 2020 for Election Systems
(September 20, 2019)
Microsoft will provide free support for Windows 7 systems that are used in federally certified voting systems through the end of the November 2020 US presidential election. The free support for election systems running in Windows 7 will be available to other countries holding national elections as well. Microsoft is scheduled to end support for Windows 7 in January 2020, with an option for users to pay for additional updates through January 2023.
Editor's Note

Providing support for the systems used to cast ballots as well as for those used in the correlation and tabulation of results will not only help provide access to security patches, but also help the existing systems remain certified. Unlike a desktop system, patches and updates must be carefully tested to ensure they are not disruptive. This also provides a little more breathing room for acquisition and implementation of voting systems built to newer security standards.

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: Extending free Windows 7 security updates to voting systems
www.cyberscoop.com: Microsoft will offer free Windows 7 support for election officials through 2020

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