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CPU pricing coming down, GPU pricing staying up, SSD HDD improving slightly

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, September 7, 2019

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The pricing for new computer builds continues to elude some.
For example, CPU pricing goes up and down and some right away get discounted. There are some great deals in the i5 range and the AMD 3 and 5 series 2600 ranges.
However, the GPU pricing continues to stay high. Simple 1050 and 1060 stay nearly at $170 to $240 respectively (actually, disrespectfully) and new 2080 series and R570 to R590 series still stay high.
I would love to see some deep dive discounts on the 1080 and R580 series say sub $100 before Thanksgiving.
Until then, keep your eyes and ears open.
The hard drives both in terms of HDD, SSD and SSDHD and m.2 NVMe are competing rather nicely. If I got a new board, yes, the m.2 NVMe hard drive would be instantly included in my purchased. The 120GB is the sweet spot at $20, and  then jumps to 250 and 500GB which is priced too high, and the 1TB is almost the same as the 500GB, so there is some work to be done on the 1TB and 500GB pricing to be faster moving to the customers.
more to come...

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