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interesting - International webcams, privacy, isolationists, freedom of the Internet

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, September 6, 2019
View Count: 448, Keywords: Russia, Webcams, Internet, Hashtags: #Russia #Webcams #Internet

It's interesting that Russia wants to create is own Internet and exclude the world.
It's interesting that China wants to create it owns Internet and exclude the world.
It's interesting that the Internet 2 is not available to the US.
It's interesting that Net Neutrality is not talked about lately with regards to the FCC.
Interesting about all the reverberations of illegal versus legal Internet mixed with Interstate Commerce overreach and then again, startups, required minimum bandwidth to all parts of the country, and jockeying to subvert takeover of markets in spaces, and then deal with LEO satellite ISP arrays, and more.
Where does that leave the consumer? actually nowhere. they just want a stable consistent fast connection to the Internet at an affordable rate, and that is it.
This previous paragraph is where lawyers, congress and the business leaders need to focus. It's that simple...
more to come...

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