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Windows 10 remote re-installation possibilities

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, September 5, 2019

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Windows 10 is about to get what Apple OS X has had for quite some time ; Internet re-installation.
That is sort of cool. I can't tell you how many people need the media to repair or reload their OS and they just don't have it like in the old days where you got a CD or Floppy Diskette to do some repair or re-installation with a Product Key code.
Today, the activation is linked to the hardware in some fashion, and a reload hopefully will put back the operating system that it currently is using, not some default Home edition.
One will just need between 3-5GB of spare storage space on an existing partition that hopefully will either get wiped or refreshed, and then the reboot cycles, approximately 2-3 reboots before windows re-installation actually occurs.
By the way, the v1803 versus v1903 installation steps are vastly different too, so watch out.
I wonder what keystroke one will get to hold down like OS X, Command+R, so maybe Control+Alt+R for Windows to launch the Remote or Internet or Re-installation procedure, under Secure boot or not. Hopefully that will not be allowed on a domain controller set of PCs which will/could totally evade security boundaries and protection mechanisms, exposure directly to the Internet, so on and so forth.
So, let's just see what happens. I have an idea that Internet bandwidth choking will occur for a little while, especially for the older people on DSL and slower speed Internet connections, who believe in the days of a Restore Point will solve everything, when it does not and actually causes more problems in the end.
Here is the article. Thank you Microsoft for finally coming to the table on this one. You said soon, which means never? ever, ever, forever, ever.. maybe... soon... i Jest.
more to come...

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