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Computer Automated Billing and Touch Fees continues to screw up our lives

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

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Have you ever wondered how and why computer automated billing came to be?
Some big wig somewhere said, we need to automate this manual process from beginning to end.
I agree. a lot of labor goes into A/R and invoicing. Good automation is smart, but greedy bad automation is bad.
Consider insurance carriers and their automatic hiking insurance premium engines; this can be a grind on human beings all over the spectrum. Forced compliance to have insurance and those that purvey it can be sleeping together.
Premiums get auto hiked by human leaders that deploy their greed onto their premium hiking computers en mass without consideration and allowance for outliers in the system, such that the insurance businesses hope the clients and those covered do not notice the slow and incremental jumps to upset the cart and the client base. 
one of the most interesting computer automated billing issues are touch fees.
1. Wells Fargo did this with online banking and view a check image.
2. city municipalities do this with technology fees very every application manual or electronic
3. state dmv and other state agencies add technology fees for every application, renewal, etc. at any fee level
there are more.. and so automated and not even thought out, except for the fact, it all adds up fast and to scale of businesses and populations. just take $1 from every breathing soul in the city or county limits, actually city and county duplicated and add $1 every 6 months to that initial basis and keep going, and wait to see if anyone notices...
it's like a breathing tax, wait! i did not say that. some government bureaucrat or legislator will get a feather up their butt and try to do it...

One of the first things some business owners/people do is automate A/P before they automate A/R, and I have seen it.. a big mistake. You must automate income before you automate payments because cash flow and liquidity is a function of stability and reserves. if you need to do auto-pay for vendors, setup a portal to where they can submit they invoice, and you accept and auto-pay them, let them push the cart and pull the buggy, and your have gatekeepers be like bug stations and ports of entry, customs, etc. just stamp the book or pay the bill if true and accurate.
Segue, Let's talk about A/P and Payroll. Let's automate Payroll and specific contract payments that are consistent and pre-approved. Let's think about the Payroll and Direct Deposit systems and make sure those are free from extra overhead, fees and charges.
 Automatically hiking premiums based on a national formula is bad, just like technology fees that have nothing to do with technology and with those transparency and visibility to their cause.
more to come...

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