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no social media, two weeks, how do you feel - GREAT!

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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here is a quick Q&A for ones social media hiatus, remove all accounts, (aside from one, mountain publishing on facebook), and that's it. all others are gone. 
So, after almost 3 weeks of no social media,
how do you feel? pretty good!
how much free time do you get back? alot!
do you watch the news on social media impact on all ages? yes!
do you believe sometimes the value in social media is over hyped? yes.
by removing myself from social media, myBlog might not get as many views and as many followers, but really, this blog was really for my autobiography, much like myVLog. So really, in the end, like the Elks Foundation, we care and we share.
what do you suggest to others about social media? close, purge, and permanently remove yourself from social media if you can, for a little while, and then come back after a vacation or staycation of sorts. It's okay.
will this affect my business? maybe, and then maybe in a good way all the way around. just make sure your business is on google reviews, yelp and other places that are destinations with good reputations not social media where its a crap shoot, yet ironically, craps, best odds in the house, so I don't know why that cliche exists. if anything social media should be called Russian roulette, since that is what it is for some when the time comes and there is one in the chamber.
for some, international families do need to stay in touch, and skype and other forms of communication is better than social media, yet then again, pictures, family events, etc are good to share in your private group of family and friends.
is this my 2nd or 3rd hiatus from social media since 1995? probably my 3rd if I recall correctly. its a great feeling and I get a lot of programming done, a lot of systems and organizational stuff done, and talk about thinning out my belongings in the house and garage, and doing all those projects and tasks needing to be done over the last 1-5 years, yes, finally getting there.
happy labor day weekend and happy sunday.
more to come...

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