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click on blog entry title aka table row in myBlog added

Published: Tuesday, September 3, 2019 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: HTML, Javascript, myBlog, Table Row Clickable

one of the things that sort of gave me pause was the table row clickable functionality of myBlog, so I do like the View (increased the font size by +1)... etc... just click View Source to see what I did.
I just added a Javascript onclick window.location function to the URL in the table row HTML tag.
=window.location=URL .... >
and then also the feature to make the row clickable, so tablets and phones can make better use of the myBlog readability usability. now the read next and read previous functionality...
I did have to clean up some of my blog titles to get rid of the apostrophe in some of them because it caused the double quote and single quote around the URL to not work correctly until I got rid of the single quotes in the title value.
more to come...

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