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MLMs - twenty years or so.

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, October 31, 1991

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MLMs - twenty years or so.

October 31, 1991


In 1991, a friend of mine named Jason Davis, a friend and brother from my undergraduate college days invited me and my wife to an organizational opportunity in Seattle Washington called Worldwide Dream Builders. It was a branch within Amway, and the start of my multi-level marketing experiences. For a year or so, and lots of investments on a monthly basis, and team building - that was interesting to say the least.


Fast forward to 2010, and my second wife through her family and friends introduced me to an organization opportunity meeting here in Sparks Nevada called Future High Tech Marketing (FHTM). After a year of experience, another great experience to say the least.


Fast forward to 2018, and the full circle of what MLM has done for the average person has been interesting. Some of my colleagues have been big wigs in MLM organizations and their downfall has been astoundingly harsh.


When it comes down to it, MLM if done right is good.


In companies and corporations alike, the same business model exists, from a pyramid scheme called the corporation organizational chart to the ponzi commission schemes call a multi-jurisdictional sales and marketing force and payout system.


more to come.



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