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How to have fun with graphics programming, step back to Java and VB6

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, September 2, 2019

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I recall back in my Microsoft days, we had to do some web graphics and all we had were some java applets we could throw some class applet data at.
With VB6, that changed, and we continued that trend to even more heights. The crazy part about Graphics is that if you want to learn graphic programming, you have to become a graphic guru. One of my first graphics programming books was called something like tips of the graphics programming gurus circa 1994. Anyhow, I had the book and wrote my first windows printer driver in 1995 for the ZPL Zebra label maker. It was cool! Used VB6 and then used some batch wrapper programs to translate BMP to ZPL (II) language with the help of Zebra Technologies programmers in Chicago, IL.
Anyhow, add a few years and VB6 programming and the VB 6 Black Book came out, and VB Access Programming with SQL, and more.
Anyhow, nostalgic like, enjoy programming graphics in your spare time if you can, and round that out with machine learning and statistics, dip into R, or Tableau, or some other visualization tool. Its all fun to take data and send it to some palette or drawing board, and paint window.
this guy had a good article on it.. https://www.go4expert.com/articles/graphics-visual-basic-6-t30202/
more to come...

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