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Tools, utilities, the latest Packet Tracer and InnoSetup

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, September 1, 2019

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It should come as no surprise, we have tools and utilities that we use daily.
the GoGreen PC TuneUp is cool. wish that were in filehippo.com, not yet.

Let me just share a few:
1. for our finance stuff, Quickbooks Pro 2012. yes, its 2012 and works fine. even when we had payroll and all that reporting stuff for the state and feds, it worked fine. just manually manage your tax tables and not get caught up in all the package fees. prior to 2012, we had 2009, and 2006, respectively. they work. the 3 seat license runs about $150 and that is good enough. just customer list, A/P, A/R, and the Calendar to show your heads up dashboard, and reports, just vendor liabilities for sales tax, and P&L over your date ranges, and business reporting windows for licensing, etc, and of course total net worth. don't let someone screw up your chart of accounts, which happens.
2. for programming, we use Visual Studio 2019, VB.Net, C#, and VB6Pro, prior to VS2008, 2005, C6, C7, Borlard C++
3. for database design, development and programming, we use SQL Server 2019 and variations of Visual Code, T-SQL, Mongo, Postgres,
4. for code signing and compilation of programs, we use Innosetup and SignTool
5. for web development, we use Cc HTML Editor, PFE32, Notepad
6. for file transfers, FileZilla, ftp,
7. for email, client side Outlook 2019 and/or Thunderbird, and the server side, that's a secret.
8. for operating systems, windows 10, 8, 7, vista, xp, OS X, virtual box -> linux mint, peppermint 9/10, and 10 more distros
9. for hardware, just one main system, alienware aurora and some test scrap systems
10. we have on hand for sale/trade about 10 laptops, 4 workstations
11. for network design and testing we use Packet Tracer by Cisco
12. we use solarwinds, and what's up gold, spiceworks, mrtg, and a few other off the shelf tools for networking and monitoring, 
13. for graphics we use CS4, and prior and occasionally Paintshop Pro 8.1 OEM w/tubes for nearly 15 years
14. for licensed remote support we use Teamviewer, and prior to TightVNC
15. for video capture and editing we use OBS Studio / Project, prior we used Pinnacle Studio
16. for layout and design we use Visio since it came out in 1993
17. for backups we use Robocopy and Second copy, and System Image Backup, and Carbonite, sometimes Xcopy
18. for e-commerce payment processing we use PayPal and Stripe, and prior to Authorize.Net
19. for writing and publishing we use e-Calibre, Word, Inkspace, Publisher
20. for power protection we use Tripplite 1200 and 1500s, and prior APC
21. for wiring and cabling we use Monoprice.com
22. for parts and suppliers, we use lots (newegg, asi, tigerdirect, ebay, amazon, server technology, etc)
23. for database recovery we use drivesavers and filesavers, runtime, recuva
24. for recycling we use Nevada Recycling for high value electronics, 15+ items at a time. 1 gaylord full or more..
what else? that's it for now.
more to come...

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