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Programming, Developing, Writing and Deleting Code

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, August 31, 2019

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I ran across an article this morning about its great to be able to write code and even greater to be able to delete code.
What does that mean? The article basically means to praise those that can delete code correctly. That means, if you are good enough, you can see code that is not needed or needs to be corrected and the bogus non essential code can be removed from the code base safely and successfully.
It's a lot like cleaning out rooms in your house, or parts of your garage. Yes, you take months and years to gain this clutter that you eventually realize you will have to move one day, and sooner if not later, realize you never used it much anyhow. Alas, the removal of non essential clutter that is just taking up space.
Back to the story, yes, I have cleaned up code for over 30 years, and cleaned up networks, systems, and frameworks, and notes, and manuals, and lots of computing stuff. I even donated over 3000+ computing books to Snohomish County Washington Library when I semi-retired from Microsoft in 1997. They were overwhelmed and grateful and thankful.
Plus, did you ever accidentally delete a whole days worth of programming attempting to clean up your code? I have, in 1999, I removed a module that I thought was not necessary and it had 9 hours of programming in it, and less than 1 minute I accidentally deleted it (without a backup in the wings), and guess what, I rewrote the entire thing in less than 2 hours and made it 5 times faster. That is the sheer luck and brilliance of rewriting your code once you have figured out what your code needs to do.
alas, I digress to the article I wanted to share...
more to come...

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