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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Email communication done the right way

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, August 30, 2019

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In our latest of suggestions to our clients on email communications, especially on projects upcoming, ongoing, and new developments, its essential to be clear on what the message means to the reader.
for us, we do it this way:
1. have stakeholder approval
2. have the stakeholder send out the message
3. keep the email to one page or less (if instructions are involved)
4. if its not personal, say so, and just address the whole group as such, accounting, sales, whole company, all,
5. include where to direct questions
6. look at format and test links and videos on various mail provider platforms (web, client, mobile) before sending
7. have good spelling and grammar, and make sure the title is concise and consistent with the goal of the message. don't use all caps and only use arrows appropriately and bullets, and numbering.
8. be specific with a paragraph, and then end the message quickly, and then point to details after closing signature and message
9. keep colors to a minimum, be ada conscious, don't send heavy graphics, make sure links are not long and if they are use a url shortner (tinyurl, bit.ly), etc.
10. only send mass emails when necessary and/or regularly, and tell the client when to expect the next one, and when was the last one. some coming to the party late, might not know the interval of communication and how to proceed and process things.
11. remember, don't include confidential information. if you do, consider it will likely go public at some time in the future and no one likes to have egg on their face.
12. include yourself in the send to make sure you get a copy.
13. use the bcc appropriately if you are not using a mail message bulk sending tool (mailchimp, etc).
14. keep it light, and a sense of humor is not recommended because some won't get it, and others you will lose in the process. communicate facts, and if it involves thoughts, be sure to add a question mark in the right places, and end your sentences or start them with the right context.
there is more to this, but this gets the conversation started.
this lady on this thread goes into detail on email text formats and how to essentially do it right. I do like her take on it, yet its not enough for most organizations. i like the basic visuals she uses and that is good. i don't use visuals in myblog, but i used to but then i saw db bloat and don't like that.
more to come...

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