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Systems and your management of them in 2020

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, August 30, 2019

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as we prepare for 2020, systems management and design, re-organization and security, and auditing is paramount. just in the past few weeks I have heard and observed clients changing gears and losing control of their systems configurations, though best effort has been done to provide and strengthen documentation on-site.
so, with that being said, we can only hope that going into 2020, organizations can remain vigilant to maintain their documentation when changes are made, and keep their IT documentation in a safe and secure place, and not relocate offices and file systems, and losing their critical systems configurations and notes.
we have many clients on file, and some we keep onsite with them because of the nature of their security and business type. for others, less a target for national security, we keep in our files. Yet, we cannot stress enough to keep your passwords on file up to date.
let's go down the list real fast:
1. keep your IT folder in a safe place, and the stakeholders know where that is. I call it the green folder
2. keep your passwords documented in a safe place and always up to date
3. audit your systems for performance and configuration layouts
4. if you have employee changes, change your locks and keys
5. update your emergency contact information for security systems, alarm systems, escalation notification paths.
6. make sure your backups are working and you are on alert for those running successfully by the minute
7. keep your sense of humor and professionalism in all that happens.
for the most part, enjoy your life as an IT professional and systems engineer and architect and enjoy helping people.. I sure do!
oh, and if you change vendors, suppliers, and even IT providers, be sure the old providers and the new providers are aware of each other. who knows. one day they may merger and become a larger company.
more to come...

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