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Project Central

Published: Wednesday, September 15, 1993 written by Andy Flagg
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Project Central

September 15, 1993


Back in 1993 when working at Microsoft as a systems administrator, my new manager to be walked by me and said, who are you, nice to meet you and what do you do? I said I am a systems engineer and administrator. He said, great, nice to meet you, you will be working for me in 6 months or less.


He went off and the rest is history.


We created an office called Project Central.


The office was about "projects", specifically, "Microsoft projects"


His saying, "If you are not working on a project you are not moving the company ahead."


My sayings years later became,


"If you are not working on a project you are no good to me."


"What have you done in the last 6 months to make me want to hire you?"


Now, moving fast foward 25 years, the same still applies.

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