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2023 folks - windows 7 end of life

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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Is Windows XP still running and activates? Yep! Does Vista still run and activate? Yep!
So why all the guff about Windows 7 end of life (EOL). Windows 7 at best is good til 2023. Do you see corporate America let alone about 100 million laptop users get rid of their laptop and Windows 7 before 2021? Nope!!!
Microsoft, you have not learned yet, that just because Windows 10 is now over 2 years old that Windows 7 is done.
so why 2023? let's just say, take 2018 add 5, and by the time things really get sticky with Microsoft, it will be 36 months (so 3 years, come 2020) that they will really ween things off, but hey. Windows 7 like Windows 95 and others are legacy successes that some just want to throw out like a golden child. They don't know when to keep a good thing forever and continue their revenue stream on that thinking. With that being said...
How much money did you make on Windows 7? A bazillion times 50! So, just chill out and relax everyone.
Now if you are cloud based, and not desktop client based, that is different. You are subject to those darn pesky terms of service of your cloud based client provider and they are motivated to keep you but not keep you, you know what I mean?!! sort of ass backwards, but hey..
more to come...

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