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block chain test prototype - why not so obvious

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2019

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For nearly 2 years, I've looked and listened to blockchain this, blockchain that, and have yet to see one in operation at any of the meetups here in Reno and Nevada. Why?
Is it that those participating are not truly developers and show the ins-and-outs, or is it that they are more about legislation, projects, business rather than the reality of showcasing it in action.
Who and where is the massive demo project that shows use cases in action?
The Washoe County recorders office is barely a good example, and if it were, it should be showcased and demonstrated from back end to front end. I wonder if we can get that going? or is it confidential? wait, its a public paid tax payer paid project.
we'll see. sure,
Youtube it and you'll see my point. Show me an example right out of the box for the end user, semi-literate PC user, either on AWS or Azure or GC, and I'll show you how everyone knows what a dollar looks like, feels like, and how it is used. Is blockchain equivalent to the understanding and use of the dollar? Not yet. If it were we would have the worlds problems solved in some areas and more complicated in others.
But hey, its an improvement right? the noble origins of blockchain do still exist regardless of how many want to bastardize it right away.
more to come...

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