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which are the best next big things to work on

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, August 12, 2019
View Count: 360, Keywords: Big Ideas, Projects, Money Makers, Hashtags: #BigIdeas #Projects #MoneyMakers

Which are the next big ideas and projects that will be money makers?
where's the money? where is the fun? where is the low hanging fruit?
will it be some organizational leadership gig, or maybe a product team or program group for a product, service, or something in between?
0. some space or airline thing
1. some money or financial stock market thing 
2. internet or game something
3. client/server something
4. tool set or tool kit for something
5. database something
6. some streaming something
7. some AI thing
8. some drone something
9. some weather thing
10. so food or agricultural thing
11. some camera photography thing
of all these things, as long as its not regulated, governed, taxed to death, legally risk, etc..
i have been working on the #8 thing for about 2 years, lots of data crunching and programming, and the #2 thing for 3 years in the game arena, and then the #3 thing, and of everyone of these things has a lot of #4 in it..

more to come...

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