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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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government being proactive and doing preventative maintenance

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, August 3, 2019

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when i was in the Army, motorpool supply, we had a very basic preventative maintenance plan that just took care of things before problems occurred. i was the supply guy 76C10 and I made sure all the things had to be done in the right order, right time, with the right parts tools and people, regardless of what the CO or motor officer or sergeant said, i followed the regulations and that kept us safe. some very smart supply warrant officers wrote those regulations, I could tell. made sense, not $5000 toilet seat covers allowed in our TO&E. haha.. anyone knows what that means, we are on the same page, and you can appreciate my candor.
I digressed and back on point -- so Why can't we, the royal we, be prepared and do in advance what needs to be done to thwart cyber threats, and strengthen security, etc? i know the answer. is it really being done? daily? hourly, by competent leaders and experts? who knows. i care.
Not sure why lawmakers want to point fingers at each other when they should just be pointing fingers back at themselves. Fine. They/we are a little behind on this thing, yeah, what else is new? I have found most laws come after a problem starts to build. That's just the way 80% of the human race thinks. It rains, and guess what, seek shelter, versus, like me, the 20%, we make shelter in advance, and use it when it rains. we try to show other folks, that 80% how this works, like farmers I/we am/can be.. that 80% remains just that.. where they are and remain complacent, and complain when their lack of preparation is our fault, not their own.
oh well, another day, another dollar, more lawmaker drama in the news.
i wish i had a magic wand, some magic title with power and resources to just make sure all this stuff is really being taken care of.. dear mr president at 1600 whatever address, for christmas, i would really like a magic carpet ... oh well, i digress...
Democratic lawmakers in the U.S. are criticizing Republican leaders for not acting faster on cybersecurity policies that could help secure the 2020 American elections.
Louisiana declared a state of emergency after a cyberattack took down several county school systems' networks, the first time such declaration has been made in the state due to a cyber incident.
more to come...

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