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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Big Data & Security, Integrity

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999

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Big Data & Security, Integrity

June 16, 1999


In 1997, before Google became a thing, we believed in creating the largest data search engine data set ever.


We had the need for organizing all the web pages, just like Napster was doing something like that for music and MP3s.


We had a lot of big data, and we needed to make sure we collected that information quickly and have it organized. So our SQL data warehouse needed to get


Then, we heard of Google and read the white paper and had the chance to do a private investment of $75,000 1 year before Google came onto the scene. We opted for our own solution called Web-Stew and spent two years writing the most massive online presence of content aggregation.


Right before we went for angel's and private placement in 1999, the Internet dotcom bomb crash occurred. So the $300 million private angel placement went bye bye.


The market window closed and crashed for this opportunity.


What did we learn?


From a marketing perspective, don't wait for perfection to release a product, just a solid working model will work.


From a technical perspective and make sure you can't get hacked and your data is secure and redundant.


As the CTO it was a great venture and don't ever let the marketing folks wait forever to release a product.


more to come.


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