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now that I have 500 posts, time to add and allow categorical searching and sorting

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, August 2, 2019
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For the past month, I said, this blog is starting to evolve.
The goal was capture my knowledge and experiences into a daily journal, more or less public facing, for all time and posterity.
Sort of my VLOG so in 10-20 years, I can look back and say, hey, I remember, that.
so, now after 500 posts, its time to enhance the interface to allow better usability and searching.
my last two previous guest editorials in 3 different newspapers had over 1 year of weekly columns -- now that is a lot of writing. Does it ever get old? Nope. It's life. Sharing our experiences from a positive perspective even when the information might be a little rough to digest, well, that's life. 
So, why the usability addition and extension now, instead of at the beginning? Well, you need a data set to play with in order to know if a feature or function is going to be feasible. I knew going in it would happen sooner or later, but how soon -- you just can't write something in code without a population or sample data set.
I know I know.. for me, CTRL+F to find something is easy, but not everyone is like that, you know, the keyboard and shortcuts. Most people just want to tap, click, push a button and served up their delicacy and information.
oh, by the way, perfect dynamic SEO of your pages and content is essential. take the time to layout your database, your query and SEO presentation to the HTML head properly. it will make life better even if sitemaps are used or not in the future by search engines.
more to come...

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