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Troubleshooting Box Client, File Folder temporarily in use versus the real error Access Denied

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, August 1, 2019

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In the past few weeks, rather months, I have been helping a client with their migration from File servers to Box Enterprise cloud (ESFF). So, one little error occurred, and we could not figure out a simple error message for a few team members trying to create, rename, and delete files on the Box client.
The error message: File is temporarily open, cannot perform action. look at the text below in read as the symptoms.
Exact error message: 
The action cannot be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program. Close the folder or file and try again. Locking Folders. Try Again. Cancel.

Answer: The bottom line is that Windows Explorer did not have administrative privileges to complete the action.
Mind you this was a domain user with local admin privileges on a Windows 7 Pro computer, 64 bit, NTFS, and Box Client as of this writing, downloaded and installed (.msi) as administrator, and even set to run as administrator, so on and so forth.
Yet, if you launch an administrative command prompt and rename the file and folder on the Box Mount pathing it works, but not as normal user command prompt.
To demonstrate and test: start an administrative command prompt, kill explorer.exe via task manager, launch explorer.exe from that same admin command prompt and things work.
Drop the User UAC to Off/None and reboot, and Explorer works and renaming files and folders in Box Client for this user works. 
moral of the story: 99% of the time from my decades of experiences in data centers and ISPs, its a permissions issue.
more to come...

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