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AOL fake support companies will delete your data and add porn to your computer

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, July 29, 2019
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Make sure all your personal and/or business files are backed up before you call a 3rd party support company for AOL. You believe it's AOL legitimate support but its not.
3rd party support companies that you let into your computer, that you don't know or don't really trust, you can end up having your computer files deleted and porn added to your computer.
that is what happened to a client of mine.
he thought he was calling AOL and instead calling a 3rd party AOL fake support company that he let into his computer, they tried to con him into see all these hackers in his computer, malware, etc... all which was fake, and then when he tried to end the call and did not want to agree to their support and payment, they deleted all his business and personal files and downloaded a bunch of porn to his computer desktop.
it was a tragedy and we had to do a data recovery and retrieve 80% of his files.
more to come...

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