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Word choice

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, November 8, 2001
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Word choice

November 8, 2001



It makes a difference. When you learn a new language the first thing is the vocabulary, you know.. the words, nouns, etc.. Then the grammar; how to put words together.


In this case, the word you choose to say makes a difference.




When someone asks you or your recommend consulting advise, try to avoid the word "budget". Budget is condescending in terms of accuracy of what you mean. Does budget mean exactly, higher and hopefully lower, or something else. The word "budget" is not necessarily a good feeling when receiving the word. It's like I don't have enough money to just get what I want at any price. Let's try a different approach. Let's use "price range" versus "budget".


For example, "What is your price range?" versus "What is your budget?"


Now how do you feel?




When your girlfriend, fiance or wife asks you if you love your ex, your answer is you loved them, and not currently in love with them. I could always love them, but I am not in love with them now. No matter what your answer is, you could and will be wrong.




What does that mean? "I have been so busy" To me the better word would be productive. Busy means going in circles rather than accomplishing anything.




These two words should be removed from ones vocabulary especially when speaking with children and even adults who are childish. These




Being cheap is not a nice thing to say to someone. When they are frugal it means they are not extravagant. They often have more money than others to do the things they want to do when they want to do things. For example, most frugal people know the value of something and when to invest. The opposite is true, they know when not to invest and save their resources. One can be frugal with themselves and not others. Being more giving is noble, and being self-centered is not.


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