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Life is about just 3 things

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, July 28, 2019

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Life is about 3 things.
1. your cause for being
2. your projects that move us all forward
3. your dedication, perseverance, skill and ability to stay focused on #1 and #2
what is your cause? this is a life long pursuit of being who you are and were meant to be. that might take a lifetime to figure out, and if you figure it out early enough and stay focused on that, you will live a happier life. your cause(s) can be many. just be sure to have a balanced work-family life. early in life it might be family, then switch to work, and then back to family. there is not a perfect formula. don't compare your success by the success of others. others may seem blessed, but really that is just their thing, not yours.
what are your projects? everyone works, well for the most part. not everyone knows and believes in projects. a dream becomes a plan to action, and the project helps you stay focused on the end and goal line. you should have many dozens of projects in a year, some big, some small, some expensive and some not so costly. some projects indoors and some outdoors, some online and some on pen and paper. either high tech, low tech, high fidelity or low fidelity, for family, faith, friends and nature.
your dedication perseverance and more is what gets #1 and #2 achieved. stay focused. just do it! your projects and cause can be public and/or private. the successes, failures in your daily delivery for your own satisfaction and those around you will reward you in so many ways. 
just keep it simple. be happy. snap your fingers and imagine everything is gone, you are gone, and then come back to reality and then be thankful for the opportunity to be a part in the lives of others, even if just for a little while.
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