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Emergency preparedness, communications and planning - Washoe County Nevada

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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What are the emergency preparedness, communications, and planning status for the County of Washoe, Nevada?
That's easy! They have various above ground and underground bunkers around the county and cities where equipment and supplies are prepared and prepped for a major disaster.
Be it earthquake, volcanic eruption, asteroid or comet, disease outbreak, or some degree of E.L.E. (extinction level event), we are prepared, aren't we?
So who is in charge of this?
we just had two large asteroids buzz the Earth in the last 48 hours... coming so close it was closer than the moon, and these were not small, these were shall we say, it would make an impact.
so what do we do as humans? wait for the Emergency Broadcast system that won't work if all communications are down? Look for the main library or city hall where there is a fallout shelter from the 1950s?
what do we do? who knows the plan will determine who lives and who dies.
I would like to know where these bunkers are and what's the plan before we actually have to use it.
NOTE: there are two plans, one for reaction preparedness for acts of terrorism and those plans should be confidential, and resources separated from the more publicly available preparedness plan for those of natural disasters and force majeure.
don't you want to know?
more to come...

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