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Crosses by Design care of yours truly

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019

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We just finished a quick video on how to make crosses using basic materials. There are more expensive artisan materials, but the same product goes into results.
Please take a look at our latest video. There are others on the subject, but this one shows and describes more of how we do what we do.
Plus, these go along with my wife's book The Appellant.
Every cross is unique and most are within a specific range of shape, size, and weight. That we try to make each nearly the same yet some might be just a little bit smaller or larger by a gram or two. The smaller the cross, the easier to maintain symmetry and the larger, a little more variation is noted. Variation in cross weight is: 2" crosses 2-4g, 3.75" 11-13g, & books 319-330g. For S/H we average at 3g, 12g and 325g respectively. That our goal is quality in each cross so your decorations are beautifully presented. Do not leave crosses in direct sunlight though for a brief presentation they can be spectacular under sunlight. Indoor application and usage recommended only. Indirect sunlight best if near open windows. Glow crosses can absorb photons from many indoor light sources easily. One agrees, crosses are not edible and should be kept out of the reach of children age 7 and under. Why 7? Because anything less has potential for a parent to be cautious but not cautious enough to keep an eye on their child around the Christmas Tree or decorations in the home. Cross are not intended to be burned or disrespected. Crosses are for display and ornamental purposes. The crosses are not intended to decorate/ornate food products.

Manufacturer Safety & Disclosure Info: One realizes crosses are made of an epoxy resin and are subject to cautionary notes in the manufacturer product material Famowood Glazecoat. Out of the two epoxy resin products we tested this one stood out as the best; Artisan, Amazing, and alternatives, more or less expensive; and local availability. This is the same resin used in table top finishing that you can get at Lowes or Home Depot, and the glitter is what you can obtain at Walmart crafts department. Beads are sourced from Hobby Lobby, Bead Treasures 3.5mm Crystal Luster. Bead holes are intended to accept traditional ornament hooks. Hooks are from Alazco(USA). Glow crosses contain pigment GT8400 from GloTech International One realizes, the molds to create/make the crosses are from Smooth-On Moldstar 20T technology which is one of the best and easiest quality solutions for making molds for casting. Moldstar 20T has a 6 minute or less setup, mix ratio 1:1, pour and 30 minutes to cure & done. If you are just getting started, use the molds from Etsy: 3.75" cross, and 2.00" cross, and the 4.00" Ankh The processes we use are unique and practiced on over 1000 samples. It took us a while to figure out a nice process and formula that is consistent.

Full disclosure: We like to provide you with as much product disclosure as possible. Materials were mixed, poured and cast without involving or harming any animals or pets. We like the SPCA and PETA. 
more to come...

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