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Spam, you got tagged and targeted and now screwed

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Email and malware, how does it get started and how can you stop it?
The first part is easy - you fill out some form giving some unknown company you believe is reputable your email address and personal information to get some free advice or information, or some discount or coupon, and next thing you know you Email Inbox is flooded with spam from all sorts of advertisers even unrelated to what you were trying to obtain.
How do you stop it?
That's tricky. You can look for the Unsubscribe link in the email and spam and complete those and though it took you seconds to get on the list, it often tells you 7-10 business days to get off the list. How absurd. As fast as you got on the list should be the same speed you can get off all the lists.
Does your congress person care? maybe, but they are powerless and useless to do anything about it too.
Your spam filter will get overwhelmed and your Inbox will continuously fill up.
Whose fault is it?
Yours. You were suckered into the situation and now you have to figure it out.
What should you do when doing these kind of gimmicks? Use a ghost email alias or account you can kill remove or just ignore later.
Can you call your IT or computer or email support team to get it fixed? maybe, but they will just ask you what you did and you might not tell the whole truth or remember what you did when and where. They can review your computer and email account and basically confirm you are screwed.
more to come...

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