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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, May 3, 1978

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May 3, 1978

Mom was the greatest. The greatest as dishing out chores! ha!


Here are the rules 101 from a survivor of my Mom's chores regiment and routine.


Mom says, "Those chores better be done by the time I get home." Ergo, wait to the last minute to do the chores. Morale of the story: Never procrastinate as a child even though you continue to do so as a child. Never wait to the last minute to do your chores. It will look like you did anyway.


load the dishwasher starting from the back to the front. why do people do that?

do not use squeeze bottle dish washing soap as dishwasher soap - too many bubbles!


Why is it when I ask my kids to do their chores it is such a struggle, but when a stranger asks, they do it right away with glee.


What are the top 5 chores for a child?

1. clean your room, and keep it clean

2. help with or do the dishes

3. help with or clean the bathroom

4. help with or do the laundry

5. help with or take care of your pet


PS. This does not include homework. that is a given.


What are the top 5 chores for an adult male and female?


Nothing is a chore. It's a joy. Enjoy life.


It's Nature's Best Medicine to Helping you and your family with things that just need to get done around the house. Remember, you are a tenant of that beautiful place you call "Home". Now take care of it and chip in, regularly and with glee.


Some people wish they had a home to be able to do chore. Some people would enjoy being able to do chores. When you get done with the chores you look back and give yourself a pat on the back and say, "that looks nice, as it should be."


more to come...


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