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E-Waste Recycling Day - My Dell 8400 given up and returned to the Earth

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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Today NV Recycling from Carson City made one of the last pickups from my store. This was no ordinary pickup. It included 3 servers, one old, one new, and one blue. haha.. that's funny but true.
In the G/L (gaylord) pickup included:
the old one, my Dell Dimension 8400 that had been running my Windows 2000 Server for over 20 years. It was a Pentium III with 4GB of RAM and a gigabit network card, and that was it. It ran as a webserver and email server using PostOffice 3.5.3 for 20 years, since my days of Winnemucca and working with Rich at The-Onramp.Net. when i pulled the drives, i looked them over and wow.. then kindly destroyed them. so sad.
the new one, Gateway dual-core with Windows 2012 R2. that one was a test domain controller of 3 servers. the other two servers made their way to a client, and this one stayed for a while and I ended up just saying, it's time.
the one that was blue, was one of the first RAIDMAX mountain computer builds. It was nothing fancy for now, but 15 years ago it was awesome. We had all the colors, Green, Blue, Red, Silver, Black and Yellow. Along with it I included the black one to which ran my Windows 2008 R2 server services for nearly 10 years and that was amazing in that it was the first to run most of our hosting servers for nearly 350 clients. All of this changed back in November 2018 when we moved everything to the AWS EC2 cloud.  when i pulled the drives, i looked them over and wow.. then kindly destroyed them. so sad.
 Happy Trails my servers. You have done well.
more to come...

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