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Meaningful Quotes Writings and Publications

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, November 1, 1982
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Meaningful Quotes and Writings

November 1, 1982 by Andrew Jackson Wilson aka Andrew Robert Flagg

Writing was never my strongest skill when I was young. Over the years my mastery of writing has improved.

A chronological timeline of meaningful quotes and writings.

The first critical experience - Mr. Sharp - 9th grade English circa 1980 -So it does not surprise anyone that I earned my first F in English c/o of my junior high school teacher, Mr. Sharp. It was an unannounced (announced) pop quiz on a Monday. He chuckled. Laughed. Nice one Mr. Sharp. Enjoy your vineyards you talk so much about in class.

The second critical experience - Mrs. Colby, 10th or 11th grade English - a very harsh grade, a D. She said I was not a good writer - 1983. Odd, in college the same first years papers were graded with an A. Yes, I resubmitted the exact papers in our exact assignments . Interesting.

The third good experience was Mr. Merriman, 11th grade English - a fair B or C grade, all about Shakespeare - a wonderful man, a well mannered man, who loved William Shakespeare and passed along his wit, enthusiasm and care for us students in how we must learn that struggling to learn English can be enjoyable and eventually rewarding.

First Meaningful Love of a Friend Quote - 10th Grade French class

          From the book, French Edition and English Edition - "The Little Prince" "Le Petit Prince";

          "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."

First Meaningful Love of a Friend Quote - 11th Grade Poetry Ensemble

"Dear Friend; you ask me if I believe God will come back someday. I can only say that if I believe in God as much as I believe in myself, then one day He will come back, and that is when I must go." - Andy Flagg

Letters home to Mom and Dad - US Army 1984-1987, my Mom said my writing skills and especially Penmanship was excellent and very beautifully written. I loved getting my Mom's letters back in return.

US Army - Ft. Riley 34th Engineer Group 541st Maintenance Battalion, Alpha Company - Motorpool

These are quotes I created and put on my motor pool parts room wall due to the nature of the environment there. The motor pool was a great place to work, yet there were some unsavory folks who needed to be told a few things that higher in rank but not in power.

  "When the dollar amount become very large, the business becomes violent and dangerous." - circa 1986

  "Do not abuse high performers" - circa 1985

US Army - Christopher Smith  - "Go for what you know!"

 US Army - "The fine line between passionate & crazy is razor thin. When people call you crazy, look at them & say, "Oh yeah, more like passionate, you haven't seen crazy yet. Come on, let's go! You want some of me. You can't handle me. Don't handle me. Hear me roar." ~a.f. 1984

US Army -- "Only the Living Remember the Dead"

College era: entrance placement tests. Mrs. Pickett, Director of Placement. your scores are so bad you need remedial Math and English - 1987

... I ignored the advice... and in doing so...

College English - Writing 101 / 102  - A solid grade A. Your writing is excellent. Your 8th grade teacher should have known better and been more supportive - 1987

College Math - Math 110 / 111 - A solid series of grade A. - 1987

moral of the story: "a qualification test under test conditions can never really prove your ability under real life conditions. I am not certified, I am qualified. That is much better. There is a difference." -- quoted 1987, 1991, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2013, 2017, 2021

Guest Editorial Weekly Weekly: The Edge, OIT - The Humboldt Sun. Winnemucca, Nevada

Web Column - Andyf.com - 1997 - 2002

Master's Degree - a Solid A.

Newsletters @ Mountain Computers  2006-2008

The Epiphany Factor 2008 - 2013 whereas "I call it the epiphany factor when logic fails. I believe in this most definitely. Its not that I am procrastinating, my brain just has not found the solution on this plane of existence. Give me a few seconds, hours, days, and it will come to me from another plane of existence."

First Book - The Appellant - 2016

First Blog - Mountain Marketing - 2016 switched to Mountain Computers in 2018

I told a beloved friend -- "We might not be able to save us, yet we can still save each other" circa Oct 2020
Question to self: "When was the last time you got really excited about something?" As we get older the cool shiny things don't mean as much. The time we have is more important. The friends we can call & see, and smile with. That is more important than the shiny new thing. #peace #blessed ~ a.f. 2021
My Dad always said, "You are only good to me if you can dig a ditch and build a fence." Years later, I added some qualifiers to it, e.g. "You are only good to me if you can dig a ditch straight and build a fence strong." or something like that... add the qualifiers to this and you will have your own favorite quote to enhance your working relationships with others...
more to come...

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