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Happy 4th of July America - You Deserve It!!

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, July 4, 2019

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Happy 4th of July America -- You deserve it!!
Everyone, a lot has been happening in the past week, past year, 2 years, and last 40 years.
In America, we have a huge creation and growth of SJWs now in the @GOP and Republican and Independent Party, that are willing to take on the SJWs of the @DNC. The vocal minority is now being overtaken by the silent majority.  America is a country long standing as one of peace and prosperity based on power. For whatever reason, there is a growing pandemic of socialistic infiltrators in our government at all levels.
Surprisingly, the silent majority proved the vocal minority wrong in 2016. If the DNC keeps it up, they will increase the GOP revival and push back the SJWs of the DNC. Oddly enough, California now requires background checks on bullets. wow!! I do agree felons in Nevada who have served their sentence get their rights back to vote.
Being pro life and pro choice, abortion should be illegal everywhere. If you spread your legs and get a baby, with the help of yourself and those involved, even while knowingly considering contraception and birth control, if conceived, you should take it to birth and allow it to grow and become a human to vote and make a choice, just like you did when you conceived. Adults should be more responsible with their sexual behaviors. Now if there is a medical emergency or whatever, we know exceptions happen and miscarriages. Those are not abortions. Aside from that.

In Nevada, several offers to help companies that I had never heard of, and some that are amazingly relocating to Reno! They are hybrid high profile under the radar organizations - amazing!
more to come...

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