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The older I get, the more it seems...useless

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019

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The older I get, the more it seems that those older than me just need to stop talking and I need to start doing the same.
Most of the world won't listen to you anyhow because there is just so much information out there and very few of us have a position or power to really affect change. Is this a bad opinion and thinking position to be in? not really.
Remember, from the age 20-50 we are most valuable to corporate and the world, but by that age of 50+ our shine is wearing off and corporate recruiters and investors are not looking at you very much unless you are super rich or very well connected.
When it comes to our great nation and affecting positive change, either we just vote and hope, or just hope and vote. Either way, it's all we got left. Write books, spin up tools and apps that can help mankind.
One might have good ideas, good policies and procedures, great inventions, great applications, great theories, yet if it does not make a million dollars per day or month its not worth anyone's attention.
Maybe we just kick back, ask the others that are our age to settle down and the ones older to move along as well, and suggest that we accept the next generation is going to do whatever they want, unless we the older and wiser have some form of shared or absolute control and power over the younger generation and our society.... wait!! what??? that sounds like parenting and not handing off the baton and trusting the next generation. well, wisdom tells me we just need to let it go and give guidance and let the younger generation enjoy whatever wicked web they weave and for those of us wiser, sow and grow greatness that lasts long after we are gone and moved on.
my colloquial moment has passed and while I see and read some of our political leaders still trying to stay in the fight, they are really looking and sounding bad. Sounds like me after a few sips of something. Just don't do it anymore, at least in public. ;-) doh!
more to come...

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