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Which are you best at in an organization (click to see the list)

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019

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Which are you best at - operations, support, finance, research and design, software development, manufacturing, testing, training, sales, marketing, legal, quality, risk management, a little of all, 
As far as career leadership and planning, knowing that which is important to you is necessary. Knowing yourself.
Optimize your career throughout your life. Keep it always on track and deviate a little to see if you are on track and veer back on track if someone tries to pull you off it. Remember, this is your life, got only one, and no dress rehearsal. Be Bold. Be Strong. Be Alive. Be Forward. Be Humble. Be Nimble. Be Coachable. Be a Leader!
As far as all those categories in the title, there are more, many more, but for me, which of these work for me. Is it one or more, a little of all of them. True leaders are both wide and typically deep in some of those areas. They migrate around through life and time, delving deeply into each while keeping abreast of all of them. 
For the longest time, one has been a leader, supporter, team member, coach, mentor, student, teacher, professional and above all human being.
What happens throughout your life is that you will find that people will have a certain idea of who and what you are on the surface and not really what you do all around and inside.  That's okay. Some people are private and some are more public. Some are introverts and some are the opposite in various ways.
So which are you?
I am an introvert yet exercise daily as an extrovert to collect and gather information about the world, and immediately process it as I go, and apply it to my daily schedule and with those whom I connect and contact.
take those personality tests for yourself, even IQ tests, they are all free online and you have to make sure you don't get suckered into some spam scam.
For me, Myers Brigg -- Sensor, Judger, Feeler, Introvert. That explains a lot for me. Ironically, some don't see it that way. I am a people person, but I love a good algorithm too;
Plus I love a good yard full of plants and roses, as well as,
a great team of engineers and non-engineers, a budget with lots of resources (e.g. military TO&E), a great team of staff members, vendors, suppliers, P&L, marketing and PR plan, risk analysis and quality report, master project board, KPIs and metrics, systems monitoring, people reviews, organizational charts, master planning and great atmosphere or maintenance and research and evolution, intellectual property, and so much more...
Often times folks will reach out to me, as a consultant, coach, mentor, supporter, leader and I can do all those things with ease.
So which are you, again I ask?
If you did any thinking and planning from early childhood, you may have just gone along with the flow, while others like me, were watchers, students, supporters, and when opportunity provided leadership chances, we took it and did well, very well indeed.
As you get older, and you consistently do that, look for opportunities, remain consistent, lead, share, coach, help and repeat that daily, you will begin to realize, you are not like the others. There are a few of us out there, but you will realize that not everyone wants to be on the edge, stretching hard every day to gain new knowledge to process and apply it. Some just want the same every day all day. That's fine.
As far as career leadership and planning, knowing that which is important to you is necessary. Knowing yourself.
more to come...

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